Why Use Anti Oxy Conditioner?

Natural hair is pH acidic, approximately pH 4.5 to pH 5.5 on the pH scale. Colouring products are pH alkaline and after completion of the service the pH balance of the hair must be restored.

This can be achieved by using a pH balanced conditioner. The pH balanced conditioner will:

• Restore the pH balance of the hair
• Close the cuticle to avoid colour fade
• Allow the hair to shine
• Stop the oxidation process, therefore avoiding creeping oxidation which can lead to the hair colour becoming lighter

If you do not restore the pH balance of the hair the cuticle remains lifted and this makes the hair feel rough and brittle.


Pre-chemical treatments:

These conditioners are:
• Often in the form of a spray
• Applied to the hair before the colour service
• Left in the hair – not rinsed away
• Used to even out uneven porosity

Post-chemical treatments:

These conditioners are:
 • Applied following the colour service
 • Usually pH balanced
 • Will restore the pH balance to the hair
 • Close the cuticle
 • Make hair shine