“I would have given up on my career goals if it was not for Reflections support and time.”

Zachary Evans aged 23 began his journey with Reflections Training Academy in 2015. He completed his Study Programme course following this he continued his education with us to complete his Level 2 Barbering Apprenticeship in 2017.

Zach explains he selected Reflections Training Academy over any other training academy because of our successful reputation and our training was suggested to him by his friends.“Throughout the programme my main achievements was completing the programmes, gaining experience in barbering and developed confidence in myself.”

Why did you choose this industry route?. “My family were in the medical and construction industry. I wanted something different, a cool job with people and becoming a barber ticked all the boxes for me.”

Zach went onto explain the essential skills he developed while doing his training with us. Overall he accomplished full knowledge of barbering, communication skills and professionalism. He was very inspired by his tutors Rachel and Matt as they supported him through his apprenticeship.

Since leaving Reflections Zach has had a successful career in barbering, he moved onto working at Reflections12 and Reflect Barbers he moved away from this temporally due to COVID 19 working as a chef but shortly returned back to barbering and successfully opened his own barbershop called ‘The Cutting Club’ in October 2021.