As we all know we are currently going through a global crises and pandemic, this has affected many lives in many different ways. We are currently finding a new normal with a focus on wellbeing, consideration for others and new enjoyment in the smaller things.

Many apprentices were furloughed, made redundant or had to take a break in training due to mental health, and companies were no longer looking to hire due to uncertainty especially in the leisure or manufacturing sectors.

Despite these circumstances, apprenticeships have remained incredibly important and with incentives from the Government created to encourage hiring and affordability for upskilling it is clear there is value on how much you can do for our wider economy.

We have proved that companies are looking to future-proof their workforces in that we have had one of our best years to date regardless of the circumstances. Our employer numbers are increasing and our amount of apprentices who remain in their roles and start a new career is also continuing on an upward trajectory!

We faced the virtual challenge and acted proactively with our meetings and interviews by taking to Zoom and carrying out or 1-2-1 sessions, workshops and reviews remotely. We have found this so affective and you agree! When carrying out a survey our current blended approach to learning is really popular not only with our employers but with our learners as well so we are looking to continue this way.

Our apprentices are pathing out their future careers and with the support we can bring in particular growth areas such as digital marketing, and management it is such a flexible way to make yourself invaluable to your colleagues and peers.

So, we would really like to celebrate the tenacity and effort of businesses, providers and apprentices. It is clear that we have a significant part to play in rebuilding the economy in the wake of the pandemic.