Uniform Layer

Start by placing a guide through the highest point of the head and follow at 90 degrees from forehead to nape following the head shape. This creates a profile line.


From the same guide, cut from ear to ear at 90 degrees following the head shape. This creates four quarters.



Clip away the front two sections and start on one of the back sections. Working in vertical ‘orange like segments’ take a small section next to the central guide, making sure you can see the guide cut at the same 90 degree angle. Continue working this way until you reach the guide above the ear. Cross check thoroughly before moving to the next section.
Please Note – Do not cut under any circumstances if cannot see a guideline!


Do exactly the same on the second quarter and again cross check the back section using horizontal sections.

Once the back is complete, start working through the top section with horizontal sections either side of the profile line working through to the front continuing following the head shape at 90 degrees. Cross check thoroughly with vertical sections.

Working on the outline, pull all the hair forward cut to the same original length and work down both sides. Please Note – This can be done using different cutting techniques depending on the clients requirements.


Join the sides by cutting the baseline to create a rounded outline.

Once dry, work through the cut personalising to the client’s requirements, this could involve a combination of freehand and texturising techniques.