One Length Above Shoulders

One Length Above Shoulders

Start by sectioning off a central parting through to the nape. Take a horizontal section from ear to ear creating four sections. Using section clips, clip the two front sections away. 

Please Note – If cutting to a parting, section off to the parting through the top.

Take a downward ‘V’ section at the nape and cutting onto the gown or skin, cut the guide to desired length using little or no tension depending on growth patterns.

Follow the created guide using small sections up to the crown area continuing to cut either on the gown or skin. As you start working through to the sides start angling the hair slightly down to avoid the one length from rising through the front sections.
Please Note – Continually check for graduation and balance.


Work through to the sides using vertical sections, continuing to work on a slight angle and work up to the parting.

Please Note – It’s very important to use no tension when cutting the over the ears, if tension is used the hair will rise over the ear creating an incorrect shape.


Repeat on the other side checking the mirror balance after every section.

If the client has a fringe, now is the time personalise the haircut (See the Personalise the Haircut Section).

Once the hair is blow dried, check for graduation using a freehand technique. Make sure you move the clients head forward to check for any underneath graduation.