Finishing Techniques – Heated Equipment

Heated Equipment: Straightening Irons and Tongs

Curling tongs and straightening irons are a popular way of applying finish to a
hairstyle. They are particularly useful in situations where:

  • Setting or blow drying will not achieve the desired look
  • The hair is not in a suitable condition to be dried into shape

Sometimes you will not achieve the results that the client is expecting. When extra
volume, movement or curl is needed on hair that lacks natural body, or is very fine, 
additional help is needed to create a lasting effect. Heated tongs and /or brushes
provide a quick solution to do this. They can be bought in a variety of different sizes
(i.e. diameters) which give different levels of movement. 

Professional heated tongs (and many hair straighteners) usually have a
thermostatic temperature control. This is particularly useful as you can dial up the
heat setting.