Limiting Factors


As well as considering the shape of the client’s face, we must also look and check his/her profile and take these factors into consideration (e.g. long nose, neck, chin etc).

Small or Large Forehead
If the client has a small face and forehead then the hair should be taken straight back off the face. If there is a large face and forehead then the hair should be dressed onto the forehead or a fringe given

Small or Large Nose
To help counteract a large nose the hair should be brought around the face, particularly over the forehead. Hair should not be taken straight back off the face or given a centre parting as this will accentuate a large nose and emphasise a small nose.

Prominent Chin
A long chin should be covered as much as possible with hair. A receding chin should be empathised by taking the hair up and away from the chin.

These are useful to hide large foreheads, receding hairlines and a large nose, but if the client wears glasses only half a fringe should be worn. The rest of the hair should be taken away from the face as much as possible.

Long Neck
Even if the hair is worn short it is advisable to leave the nape hair a little longer. Hair should be swept straight up.

Partings have many uses; they can easily affect the appearance and shape of a person’s head. Low partings make a client’s head look rounder. A high parting will make a broad head look narrower and an entire parting will show up an ugly and unattractive nose. A parting will also correct a feature fault ( e.g. crooked nose, if the nose goes to the left the parting should also go the left).