The positioning of you and your client are most important when cutting the hair as the result and balance of the finished look can be affected.

Your Clients Position

Once gowned and protected you must ensure that your client sits comfortably with their back supported in the chair in an upright position with their legs uncrossed and evenly balanced.

Your Body Position

Stand with your body weight evenly distributed throughout the entire cutting process. This will not only prevent fatigue and back problems but ensure the hairstyle is also balanced. Sit on a cutting stool while cutting hair short or for working on the back of the client’s head. This will prevent you from bending and overstretching and help to maintain your comfort which is essential during the cutting service.

Palming Of Scissors

You must make sure you hold your scissors correctly while working to avoid any injury or mistakes happening to yourself or your client. The diagrams show how to correctly “palm” your scissors. 

Never keep the thumb in the scissors when combing or sectioning