African Hair Blow Dry

Prepare the hair with a Moisturising shampoo and conditioner. Use wrap lotion all over the hair before applying heat. Section hair into four sections with clips to keep sections clean.

Do not Twist the hair as this may cause breakage.

Half the back section holding hair and using downward motion to control the airflow.
Hold hair and slowly blow-dry with high heat using the comb  attachment from root to point. Stretch the curl pattern as you blow-dry.  


Continue up to the crown, to complete the back section.

From the parting split each side section into two. Continue with the same technique, stretching the curl pattern until dry.

Continue this motion up to the parting until the hair is dry.

On the other side of parting continue until  all hair is dry.

Also can be used with a round brush to create movement & volume. 
After service straighten using straighteners.