Semi-Permanent Colour

A true semi-permanent colour is applied to the hair without the introduction of hydrogen peroxide. It  can be applied as a toner, introduction to colour or a refreshing technique.

Most semi-permanent colours will last for 6-10 washes and provide high shine and can be used alongside other colour when layered up.


Before the colour is applied, pre-shampoo the hair.
Colour intensity will be increased on application of dry hair.
Note: Example used is Wella Color Fresh.


On pre-shampooed hair, follow the manufacturer instructions on application. When an applicator bottle is provided, use nozzle to run strips of the product along the scalp from hairline to nape.


Continue until the hair has an even application of product.


Work the colour through the remaining hair using a shampooing rotary motion until all of the hair has colour evenly distributed.


Use a wide tooth comb to comb the product through to ends to ensure even application.
Leave to develop according to manufacturer’s instruction, rinse and condition if required.


Finished Result    

Finished Result