Re-colouring Techniques

Pre-Pigmentation with Koleston Perfect
Using Koleston Perfect Special Mix
5-30cm of Koleston Perfect Special Mix OR 15ml Red/Gold tint
60ml of warm water
Apply where necessary
Leave for 10-15 minutes
Blot excess product with tissue and apply Koleston Perfect
Target shade or Anti-Fade colour bath
Apply to dry or pre-shampooed hair depending on technique selected 

Pre-Pigmentation with Colour Touch
Using Colour Touch Special Mix
5-10mls of Colour Touch Special Mix + 60mls of Colour Touch 1.9% Emulsion
Develop as normal
Blot off excess
Re-colour with target shade
Step 1      Section the hair from ear to ear
Step 2     Pick up the colour with a sponge
Step 3     Begin applying colour at the back of the head
               Continue until the hair is completely covered
Post Pigmentation 
5-30cm of Koleston Perfect Special Mix
60ml of warm water
15ml 9% Welloxon Perfect
Apply where necessary & develop for 5-15 minutes 

Using Perfecton
Mix 20ml of Wither Perfecton /03, /4 or /43 + 40ml water
Apply to the desired areas
Dab off excess product. Style as usual
Perfecton – can be used neat or diluted. Depth dependant
10/0-12/0 , 250mls water + 5ml
9/0, 250ml + 10ml
8/0, 250ml + 15ml
7/0 – 2/0, 250ml + 20ml