There are hundreds of different styling and finishing products available on the market to help the stylist and client maintain great looking hair. They are all marketed differently toattract various client groups to their designs. The instructions on the product advise you and the client how to use the product effectively and how much of the product should be used. Always read the manufacturers instructions to ensure you use the correct amount to achieve the best results and to prevent overloading the hair. 


Styling Product: Mousse

How to Use: Apply a golf sized amount to towel dried hair and comb through evenly

Effect achieved and benefit to the client: Enhances curls and offers support and hold to hair blow dried with a radial brush  

Styling Product: Blow-dry lotion

How to Use: Spray or sprinkle near the root area and work through to the ends

Effect achieved and benefit to the client: Longer lasting volume, lift and support for fine hair of any length. Can strengthen the structure when blow drying 

Styling Product: Serum

How to Use: After shampooing, rub 2-5 drops of serum into your palms and apply to wet hair, distributing evenly

Effect achieved and benefit to the client: Ultra shine for all styles and hair types, enhances coloured hair and provides an anti-frizz effect by coating the hair with a smoothing liquid which forms a barrier to moisture

Styling Product: Anti Frizz Lotion / Moisturiser 

How to Use: Distribute evenly through damp hair, dry and style with a brush and hairdryer

Effect achieved and benefit to the client: Achieves a smoother, straighter appearance by taming frizz and curls. It coats the hair and forms a barrier to prevent moisture from humidity affecting the finished look ideal for any hair length

Styling Product: Heat protector 

How to Use: Spray evenly through towel dried hair

Effect achieved and benefit to the client: Protects the hair from the drying effects and heat of the hairdryer, prevents frizz and gives an even finish

Styling Product: Gel 

How to Use: Use on damp hair and distribute evenly through the hair before blow drying or finger drying

Effect achieved and benefit to the client: Provides volume and texture for all hair lengths and hair types

Styling Product: Cream

How to Use: Rub a liberal amount between your palms and distribute evenly throughout the hair

Effect achieved and benefit to the client: Provides flexible body and pliable style support. Adds texture to shorter hair lengths, eliminates frizz and maintains moisture