Lightening Techniques

Cleansing Rinse
The hair is pre-shampooed to open the cuticle
Blondor Multi Blonde powder or Blondor Multi Blonde granules are mixed with warm water to a pouring consistency. Bleach becomes active when wet.
This is applied to the hair with a brush or a sponge onto the required areas.
The hair lightens over the development time before the products are shampooed away.
The hair is now ready to be recoloured.

Mild Lightener
1 part Blondor and 3 parts Welloxon Perfect Pastel Developer are mixed and applied to the required areas of the hair. 
The development occurs until the areas have lightened sufficiently the product is then shampooed away.
The hair can now be coloured to your target shade.

Koleston Perfect 10/0
Mix in the normal way  with 12% and apply to dark areas.
Develop up to 60 minutes
When sufficient lift has been achieved (warm in tone), comb excess off with large tooth comb, leaving approximately 20% tint on the hair (do not rinse). 
Now colour to your target shade.  

Cleansing Shampoo
1 Scoop or 30 grams Blondor Lightening powder/Blondor lightening granules.
30ml 6% Welloxon Perfect
60ml warm water
15ml shampoo
Apply to pre-shampooed hair. 
Adjust water content if required.