Health & Safety/Safeguarding

Reflections Training Academy strives to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all Learners training with the Academy. This includes both within the Academy and within Salon Work Placements.


Reflections Training Academy keep all salons and Learners up to date on all health and safety developments and changes to policy and the law and we are always happy to answer any questions or issues Learner or employers may have.

Safeguarding: Reflections Training Academy is fully committed to ensuring children, young persons and vulnerable adults are protected from harm. Reflection’s recognizes its responsibilities for protecting children, young persons and vulnerable adults who attend the Training Academies.

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• Assessing Health & Safety within Learner’s Salon Work Placements

• Health & Safety Training During Learner’s Training Programmes

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 Contact Reflections Training Academy’s Health & Safety Team:

If you would like to discuss anything regarding health and safety contact one of the following members of our Health & Safety Team by phone, post or email:

Birmingham Training Academy

Jason Timms
Head of Health & Safety / Equality & Diversity
Unit 2a / Unit 2b,
Commercial Street
Birmingham, B1 1RS

Reception: 0121 6432147
Direct Dial: 0121 600 5477
Mobile No: 07500 668567

Bristol Training Academy

Jordan Cross
Training Academy Co-ordinator / Senior Manager
15A Colston Street
Bristol, BS1 5AP

Reception: 0117 9221440

Assessing Health & Safety within Learner’s Salon Work Placements:

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The Skills Funding Agency (SFA) require Reflections Training Academy to ensure all learners are in safe, healthy and supportive work placement. To do this we carry Health & Safety Assessments of all salons employing Learners.

When a salon plans to work in partnership with Reflections Training Academy for the first time, or if it has been over a year since a salon last worked with the Academy, an Initial Health & Safety Assessment will be carried out at your salon.

These Assessments cover all aspects of health and safety through verbal questions, visual assessments and the obtaining of details about Health & Safety Policies and Risk Assessments, Employer’s Liability Insurance, Fire Extinguishers and servicing, Fire Evacuation Procedures and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) etc.

Reflections Training Academy offers an informative and supportive service to enable every salon to meet SFA and legal requirements. This means that, as a result of a Health & Safety Assessment of a salon, we may set an Action Plan and Further Recommendations.

Health & Safety Training During Learner’s Training Programmes:

Reflections Training Academy provides extensive health and safety to all Learners throughout the Scheme’s of Work.

All learners receive a Health & Safety Induction on the first day of their training atReflections Training Academy. This induction takes Learners through the health and safety arrangements of the Academy such as the Emergency Evacuation Procedure, routes and responsibilities, what to do in case of an accident and who the First Aiders are, Uniform and dress codes, behaviour along with some basic health and safety information regarding working in a salon environment and general salon / workplace health and safety.

Training, Assignment & Written Paper
The first unit covered on a Learners training Programme is G20 Level 2 or G22 Level 3, which is all about Health & Safety. Tutor / Assessors carry out theory sessions surrounding health and safety which enable Learners to complete their Health & Safety Assignment and Written Paper.

Employment Responsibilities & Rights Workshop:
This workshop covers all aspects of employment responsibilities and rights of employees and includes a section on health and safety within the workplace. Learners receive a certificate to confirm their participation in this workshop.

Sense Of Safety (SOS) Workshop:
This workshop involves Learners taking part in a multimedia board game which asks individuals multiple choice questions on a number of health and safety topics. This session enables us to assess individual Learners levels of health and safety understanding and those Learners can achieving a high enough score will receive certificates. Learners receive this workshop towards the beginning and towards the end of their training at the Academy to ensure and demonstrate the development of their health and safety knowledge. Learners also receive a copy of the questions they answered correctly and those they answered incorrectly with a list of where to obtain further reading on subjects. This enables Learners to identify areas of weakness and improve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just some of the questions that we are frequently asked…

  • Should I have a Health & Safety Policy for my salon?
  • Should I have a Health & Safety Law Poster in my salon?
  • Should I have a Workplace Risk Assessment for my salon?

For answer to these questions and others that you might have, please contact either Jason Timms at Birmingham or Claire Hewlett at Bristol.