Tension – The strength / pull at which a section is held.

Texturing – A variety of cutting techniques used to create different effects within a hairstyle.

Personalising – Finishing a style and making it individual to the client. 

Balance / Shape – Physical aspects and evenness that control the look of the style.

Hair Growth Patterns – Areas of the hair that could disturb the required look.

Club Cutting – A method of cutting where hair is cut bluntly and straight across, this is used in both layering and one length cuts.

Freehand Cutting – Mainly used on straighter hair to create the profile or perimeter shape.

Scissor Over Comb – Used to produce contours, layered shapes and close cuts. Used on dry hair cutting through the comb.

Thinning – used to reduce bulk, can be done with scissors. Thinning scissors may also be used to add texture or softness.

Graduation – A cutting angle that joins either longer to shorter or shorter to longer hair in one continuous cutting angle.

The Holding Angle – The angle at which the hair is held out from the head.

The Cutting Angle – The angle at which the scissors, razors, etc.cuts the hair.

Weight Distribution – The overall balance of the hair cut.

Cross Checking - Cross check by taking sections the opposite direction, to the way the hair was cut.