Full Head Woven Highlights Part 2

Work through both sides until you have the top section (9) remaining.


Getting your client to position their head forward, start weaving sections from the crown forward until you reach half way towards the hairline.


Once half way through your top section, return your clients head to an upright position and do the remaining half of the section working from the hairline.
Please note that sectioning and starting points may vary dependant on creative colour placement and tailoring the application to your client’s needs

Completed full head of foils.

Allow the foils to develop undisturbed.
Please note: Lightener must only be applied to virgin hair and not previously lightened hair. Varying peroxide strength with lighteners should result in even development, if you need to remove some sections before full development, make sure that you avoid disturbing sections that still have development time to prevent seeping and bleeding.


Finished Result

Finished Result