Finishing TEMP 2

Reflections Training Academy expect commitment from all learners to demonstrate key values and behaviours within all areas of theory, practical and within the workplace. These are reflected below:- 


A willingness to learn
The completion of services in a commercially viable time
Meeting both organisational and industry standards of appearance
Ensuring personal hygiene and protection meets accepted industry an organisational requirements
A flexible working attitude
A team worker
Maintaining customer care
A positive attitude
Personal and professional ethics
The ability to self manage
Creativity Skills
Excellent verbal and non verbal communication skills
The maintenance of effective, hygienic and safe working methods
Adherence to workplace, suppliers or manufacturers instructions for the safe use of equipment , materials and products  

Meeting the salons standards of behaviour
Greeting the client respectfully and in a friendly manner
Communicating with the client in a way that makes them feel valued and respected
Identifying and confirming the clients expectations. 
Treating the client courteously and helpfully at all times
Keeping the client informed and reassured
Adapting the behaviour to respond effectively to different client behaviour
Responding promptly to a client seeking assistance
Selecting the most appropriate way of communicating with the client
Checking with the client that you have fully understood their expectations
Responding promptly and positivity to the clients questions and comments
Allowing the client time to consider the response and give further explanation when appropriate
Quickly locating information that will help the client
Giving the client the information they need about the services or products offered by the salon
Recognising information that the client might find complicated and checking whether they fully understand
Explaining clearly to the clients any reasons why their needs or expectations cannot be met