Finishing Techniques – Straighteners


Straighteners are commonly used by clients and hairdressers alike, Straighteners create a temporary finish which can be straight or curl. Advanced uses of straighteners and continually being updated to achieve a variety of looks. Always use straighteners with care.


Classic Straightening


Start at the nape taking a horizontal section. Comb through and apply a heat protective spray. Hold the section either through your comb or fingers (Depending on if tension is required). Clamp the hair near the root area and slowly slide down the hair. Pay particular attention to the ends. You should only need to straighten each section once but particularly different hair may require the process to be repeated. Continue throughout the hair. 


Using Straighteners To Achieve Curl

Start at the nape taking vertical sections. Clamp the straighteners near the root area and pull slowly down the hair shaft, rotating the straighteners forward. As you reach the ends, roll the hair around the straighteners back to the root area before releasing. This will create curl similar to the way you would score ribbon. Continue this throughout the head.