Finishing Manual Glossary of Terms

Airflow – The flow of hot/cool air directed from the hairdryer.

Angle – The degree the height required for both brush and drier to achieve the required results.

Bonds – Permanent and temporary bonds are found in the hair shaft. Hydrogen bonds and salt bonds are softened and reformed during the blow-drying process.

Equipment – Required appliances to achieve the desired results. Normally refers to electrical equipment; Straighteners, tongs & hairdryer. 

Flat Brush – Tool used to blow-dry when hair requires little or no volume. Denman, paddle brush and inisis brush are among the popular flat brushes.

Grow patterns  – The direction in which the hair falls can affect the result of the finish. Double crown, cowslick and whorl are most common.

Hood Dryer – A dryer used to dry hair that has been wound in setting rollers.

Nozzle – placed on the end of a hairdryer to control the airflow

On/Off Base – The placement of a roller according to the section taken. Off base will produce root drag and less volume, on base will create volume.

Pincurl – A setting technique used to create a variety of curl and waves.

Products – substances used on hair give support and control the required finish.

Rollers – Tools used to create a variety of looks. There are may different rollers available including; Velcro, heated or conventional roller with pins.

Round brush – Popular tools which comes in many sizes. Used to create volume and a smooth finish, metal, ceramic and wooden round brush are commonly used.

Sectioning – This is the process of making clean partings in the hair; this allows you to work in a controlled manner.   
Straightening – Popular technique using heated equipment to achieve a temporary straight result.

Tension – How tightly the hair is pulled by the tools or equipment being used. Too much pull can result in hair breakage or traction alopecia. 

Tonging – A curling technique using round heated equipment achieving volume and allows the look to last longer.

Tools – Combs, brushes, clips etc. used in helping to achieve the required results.

Wand – Coned heated appliance used to achieve a soft spiralled effect.