End Point Assessment

Reflections Training Academy alongside learner and employer will choose the end point assessment organisation, dedicated to deliver the end point assessment (EPAO).

Reflections development team will support you in upskilling your knowledge to meet the end point assessment required. This will be of a high quality with flexible training and outstanding resources to help you progress.

Learners will be graded on consultation skills, communication skills, safe working practices, professionalism, values and behaviours.

Our dedicated tutor team will help guide and observe learners carrying out specified practical tasks set out in the assessment plan. Oral questioning will also support your knowledge and understanding. The learner will be graded at pass or distinction level depending on performance at the end point assessment.

What is an End Point Assessment? End Point Assessment (EPA) is the name given to the final assessment for a learner to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and behaviours ability to meet their role requirements.

These assessments take place and once agreed at the end of an apprenticeship following a period of training and development often referred to as the ‘on-programme’ training period.

How does an End Point Assessment work? When a learner reaches the end of their training, the employer (supported by the training provider) will make the decision on whether or not the leaner is ready to take the EPA – this decision process or stage is known as the “gateway”.

Who conducts the End point assessment? Only an approved End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) can conduct an End-point assessment, our preferred EPAOs are City & Guilds and ILM. As the training provider, we would make all the necessary arrangements with the EPAO.