Colour Refreshing

Minimum Fade: Comb Through
Step 1: Complete target shade root application
Step 2: Dampen the hair and emulsify the colour to begin
Step 3 Working from the crown area take a section of the hair and work the colour through the mid-lengths and ends by massaging or combing with warm water.
Step 4: Continue following the brickwork pattern
Step 5: Repeat this process of either massaging or combing through the colour for the whole section.

Medium/Maximum Fade: Colour Touch
Step 1:Apply target shade to root area
Step 2 After root application, apply the colour from the roots through the mid-lengths and ends using a flask.
Step 3: Work the colour into the hair using the hands.
Step 4: Continue through the back applying the colour using the brickwork method
Step 5: Then continue through the front applying the colour in the same way
Step 6: Rinse off excess colour after development time. 

Maximum Colour Refreshing
Normal to Porous hair Koleston Rinse
15-30ml of tint (30 mls if red)
15ml 9% Welloxon Perfect
60ml warm water
Mix  and apply to mid lengths and ends on completion of re-growth application
Develop as normal

Very porous hair Anti Fade colour bath
15ml of tint
45ml warm water
Mix  and apply immediately on completion of re-growth application
Allow full development time
Stabilising Rinse:
Mix 10ml 9% Welloxon Perfect
40ml warm water
Apply to lengths and ends
Develop for a further 5 minutes      

When using copper / red shades, use equal parts Koleston Perfect and warm water. When using ashen shades on the re-growth, use a natural shade for anti fade colour bath.
Watch point
The porosity of the hair and the target shade will affect your refreshing technique.