Brushing Out

Step by step: Brushing out

Brushing blends the waves or curls, removes the partings or set marks, left at the
curl bases during rollering an gets rid of any stiffness caused by setting aids.

  1. One way of achieving the finished dressing is with a brush and your hand. The thicker the hair, the stiffer the brush bristles need to be. Choose a brush that will flow through the hair comfortably.
  2. Apply the brush to the hair ends. Use firm but gentle stokes.
  3. Work up the head, starting from the back of the neck 
  4. Brush through the waves or curls you have set, gradually moulding the hair into shape.
  5. As you brush, pat the hair with your hand to guide the hair into shape. Remember though, overdressing and over-handing can ruin the set.