Traditional Directional and Brickwind Set

Step by step guide

The below guide uses heated rollers but the same sectioning pattern can be used on all sets:

Start by applying the required product to give the hair the needed support. Taking a section in the direction of the parting, roll the correct sized roller onto the base, pinning securely.
Please note – the section should never be bigger than the roller. This will result in a poor set and soft result.

Work the front section to the direction of the parting, until both sides are complete. 

Start the brick wind centrally behind the front rollers and apply the roller going directly back. Place two rollers either side behind that roller creating a “brick” like formation. 


Continue to work in the pattern through to the back, ensure the pins are secure and not hurting the client.
Once this is complete, put a net over the set and dry under a hood dryer until totally dry. Once dry allow to cool for at least 5 minutes.  

Brushing out
Start at the nape using a soft brush out all roller marks following the direction you want the hair to finish. If roller marks are still visible a folk can be used. Backcombing techniques can be used to create the volume and balance.