Blow Drying – Below Shoulder

Below Shoulder

Round Brush Blow-dry step by step

Take a profile section from parting down to the centre of the nape followed by a section ear to ear creating four sections. Clip the front two sections neatly avoiding leaving hair over the clients face.

Below Shoulder 001.jpg

Below Shoulder 002.png

Start at the nape take a section no bigger than the width of the brush creating a V shape section (see diagram)

Below Shoulder 003.jpg

Below Shoulder 004.png

Using correct degree of tension, angle and using the brush and drier correctly dry the section until the hair is 100% dry.

Please note – this blow-dry will achieve a smooth flat finish. Is body is required the angle of the section when blow-dried will alter.

Below Shoulder 005.jpg

Below Shoulder 006.png

Follow this section pattern through to the top. It is important not to lay the wet hair onto the dry hair and only pick up sections the size of the brush. This will mean separating section into sub sections.

Below Shoulder 007.jpg

Below Shoulder 008.png

Once the back is completely dry move onto the sides. Take a horizontal  section above the ear and continue blow-drying the same as the back, working up to the parting.

Below Shoulder 009.jpg

Below Shoulder 010.png

Repeat on the other side completing the blow-dry

Below Shoulder 011.jpg

Below Shoulder 012.png

Below Shoulder 013.jpg