Blow Drying – Above Shoulder

Above Shoulder

Short hair Round Brush Blow-dry step by step

Start by working from nape up, taking horizontal sections and working with sections no bigger than the brush. Roll the hair around the brush until dry – DO NOT BRUSH OUT

Please note – Depending on the length you may be required to roll the brush onto the roots wrapping the hair around the brush. 

Continue this pattern through the back continuing to leave the roll created in


Take vertical sections through the side continuing a leave the dried section to set.

Please note – A dried section is commonly known as “sausages” due similarity of the size of the section.

Follow this section pattern through to the other size.

Through the top work in horizontal sections until you reach the last few sections.

The last sections should be directed to the parting to allow the hair to fall. This is especially important if a client has a fringe. Take the final section dry forward if the client wants a fringe or leave the hair to set if not. 

Brushing out – Once the dry hair is completely dry you can start to run your fingers through the dry hair to break up the “sausage” effect, using the mirror for balance and guidance. Some clients like to use a folk comb to finish he look.