Blow Drying – Flat Brush Wrap Technique

Flat Brush “Wrap” Technique 

Step by step guide

This technique is used by most modern hairdressers and uses the airflow and brush to create a smooth finish. The idea is for the airflow to follow the brush in any direction making sure the brush is working down the cuticle. The wrap technique will not only dry the hair flat but also leave a fantastic shine.
Please note: this is not a suitable technique for all hair lengths or types. For long, very curly or course hair the round brush sectioning technique with a paddle brush or Denman may be a preferred option.   


On towel dried hair split the back section, using a flat brush start drying the hair working the brush outwards and allow the airflow to follow. Do this on both sides. 
Please note – The hair can be moved in any direction, so only use as guide. 


Now work the hair back into the centre. Continue this process until dry. 

Work the sides forward allowing drier to follow the brush and then back.
Please note – again this is only a guide, you can work the hair in any direction.

Do the same on the other side


Blow Dry - Wrap Technique 008a.png

Through the top work the hair in any direction making sure your working down the cuticle at all times, you don’t need to worry about the parting at this stage. Continue this until dry.

Now the majority of the hair should look shiny and lay flat. To finish put the hair into its parting, take sections from the nape finishing each section by each section by using some tension if required tucking the ends under. Do this all over to complete the finish.